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The 7 Elements of Art

ArtIn art there is always rules and tricks to create artwork. Without the rules and tricks there wouldn’t be any artwork. Like any other subject, such as Math & English, they all have rules. In art, the rules are in order from one to seven. That’s right, seven. I suppose I wouldn’t call the tricks “Rules,” I would call them elements, which they really are called. So I think you might be ready to learn what the seven elements are. If you have an art test, this would be really good to study. Below is a list of each element with a given definition.

Elements of Art

  1. Line – The easiest definition of all. Line is commonly known as a moving dot made from a pointed tool such as a pencil, pen, brush, or any other utensil.
  2. Shape - A shape is when lines collides together creating space inside the collision. For instance: Star, square, circle, etc.
  3. Form – Form is anything that will take up space. Usually a form is 3-Dimensional like a sphere, cube, or pyramid.
  4. Color – An element used to give artwork an appealing look, also to help you understand color, look at a rainbow. All the things you see on a rainbow is color.
  5. Texture – An element that represents quality of any artwork. For instance: Extra detail.
  6. Value – Represents the lightness and darkness of artwork.
  7. Space – Represents the distance from one object to another.

You should really study on the seven elements of art. They do come in handy a whole bunch. If you love this information so much, I would prefer our new page called “Art Principles” or visit “Art Elements.” Do well and have a great day.

2 Responses

  1. Bev

    I’m a very new beginner, as in ; I’m teaching myself to draw by using websites such as this one. A 2B pencil, crayola colored pencils, etc, I want to learn it all, as anyone that loves to create does. Just doing the owl and reading what you had to say and so freely gave helped me a great deal (owl didn’t turn out haphazard bad either) mine started by designing and making jewelry, what I’d like to know is can you give me a list of books for beginners that would futher me along, good quality pencils, gesture and colored, sketch and drawing paper, other items a beginner would need to do well in vision, contrast just everything. Thank you so much for publishing this article and tutorial.

    • admin

      Yes, certainly! I would be happy to help. By the way, I would like to see some of your drawings if you get the chance. I’ll upload certain tutorials that will help you out. Okay?

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