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How to Sketch Hands

How to Sketch HandsLet’s learn how to sketch hands. As a surprise, this drawing tutorial is not from YouTube. In fact, it’s not a drawing video/tutorial at all. It’s a step-by-step image drawing tutorial. Lot’s of artist don’t love watching drawing videos as much. Videos don’t give to much information. They show you how to draw something, but no tips. I really prefer step-by-step drawing tutorials like the one that I’m about to share. So, where do we begin? We begin with the basics – knowing your hand forms. There are lot’s of forms that you could find. It’s imposable to not find some sort of form of a hand. There’s always a way. Look at the example below. It gives you a great idea of what you could do if your creative. Let me tell you what, drawing hands isn’t a easy thing to do. It takes a month of practice. Don’t expect a day of practice because there is no such thing as mastering in one single day.

How to Sketch Hands - Step 1

Well, there you have a wonder diagram of hands that you could use as a reference. I won’t admit that it’s easy, because it isn’t. So what do we do now you may ask? After finding and drawing the form you’ve decided to choose, you’ll now begin with a simple step called “Drawing the hand’s wrinkles.” I know, it’s not hard at all. Below should be an illustration that shows you examples of two hands with wrinkles.

How to Sketch Hands - Step 2

Okay, so enough with the tips and let’s move on with the drawing tutorial. Just for a reminder, the drawing tutorial was found on a pop-culture drawing website called Dragoart. I love the website and find it interesting. Prefer it all the way. Enjoy the drawing tutorial!

How to Sketch Hands - Step 6 How to Sketch Hands - Step 8 How to Sketch Hands - Step 9


How to Sketch Eyes

Published on December 8, 2010, by in Tips & Tricks.

How to Sketch EyesWelcome to Sketch Pencil and the very first tutorial that will be introduced here! I wanted to post a lesson that will give you plenty of tips and tricks to “sketch eyes“. As an artist, I have problems drawing this part of the human body. The face is usually the hardest task to achieve because of the symmetry that’s required to create an accurate and neat looking face. To get good at “sketching faces”, you’ll need to learn how to draw the basic elements of the human face. Get yourself a nice sketch pencil kit, kneaded or Hi-Polyester eraser, durable sharpener, and some tissues and/or Q-tips. The tissues will guide you into the smudging process as you work your way around the entire face.  I hope that you’ll find this tutorial resourceful, as it was definitely a pleasure to share “how to sketch eyes“, step by step. Well, let’s move onto the tutorial now!

sketching eyesStep 1. First, you must establish a basic sketch of the eye you’re trying to draw. Don’t get too hype about the details since the shading will be taking care of that for you. I would recommend to use a regular 2H pencil for this part of the process.

sketch eyes

Step 2. Then, lay down a basic wash for your drawing as it will lay as the basic shadows. An eye translated by grayscale, is never white but mixed with a grayish tone. Use a 3B pencil for the wash, using your tissues to smudge.

sketching eyesStep 3. Work your shadows in more by using your 4B pencil with light strokes so you can blend it in more with your tissue. You’ll be needing to repeat this until you lather a few basic details into the drawing. Take your time as this process can be very tedious work!

To read more on how to sketch eyes, go here:
how to sketch eyes


How to Draw Shapes

I know what you’re thinking. Why do I need to learn how to draw shapes? Well you need to learn how to draw shapes because everything in art is all shapes. Yes, we will give some examples and we will share some videos that we found. Mostly we’ll share some examples. You can’t learn how to use and draw shapes just from watching a video, especially when the artist doesn’t talk. So let’s first start off with using shapes. Think of shapes as building blocks to create something so artist, so beautiful, and so exquisite. You use shapes everywhere.

Let’s give you a quick example. You want to draw a face. What do you do? You would start off with a circle to begin, and then start off with a triangle for the chin. To understand the concepts for using shapes, let’s move on with diagramming.

Example 1 - Using Shapes - Face

Glance at example 1 and you’ll see how the artist used her shapes. I see that she used a triangle to help her draw the chin and drew a circle to help her draw the face. So how do you draw shapes now? Well there’s a video that we want to share from YouTube.


How to Sketch

SketchLet’s learn the most difficult skill in art, sketching. Oh wait a minute… sketching could be easy but also hard at the same time. Well it kind of depends on the quality of the picture that your sketching. Never mind… sketching is fun anywhere. You got to admit it, you do sketch at school. It’s pretty fun at certain times. Thinking your a real artist, doodling things that you think you know what your drawing, but you really don’t. Enough with the mean attitude and more with lessons.

In this lesson, we’ll begin with the basics. How are we going to learn the basics? Well a video will cover all of the answers that you’ll need. Also a good old article is written underneath the video. Enjoy the video and be sure to read the article underneath the video if you don’t understand the video. If you don’t understand, like I said, read the article below the video. Enjoy!

Have you watched the video and didn’t understand one thing of it? Well let’s put this in a easier way to understand sketching. Keeping your ideas and pencil loose. Sketching is all about coming up with ideas, meaning everything that someone sketches is random. Sketching could also be a rouge drawing of something. Start with big shapes when you sketch means start off with shapes to help the speeding process. Creating shapes helps you create small detail of your sketch, making it faster for you to finish. After that you should be all set. Those were probably the only confusing quotes in the video. Hope you enjoyed the video and this tutorial. Have a great day!


The 7 Elements of Art

ArtIn art there is always rules and tricks to create artwork. Without the rules and tricks there wouldn’t be any artwork. Like any other subject, such as Math & English, they all have rules. In art, the rules are in order from one to seven. That’s right, seven. I suppose I wouldn’t call the tricks “Rules,” I would call them elements, which they really are called. So I think you might be ready to learn what the seven elements are. If you have an art test, this would be really good to study. Below is a list of each element with a given definition.

Elements of Art

  1. Line – The easiest definition of all. Line is commonly known as a moving dot made from a pointed tool such as a pencil, pen, brush, or any other utensil.
  2. Shape - A shape is when lines collides together creating space inside the collision. For instance: Star, square, circle, etc.
  3. Form – Form is anything that will take up space. Usually a form is 3-Dimensional like a sphere, cube, or pyramid.
  4. Color – An element used to give artwork an appealing look, also to help you understand color, look at a rainbow. All the things you see on a rainbow is color.
  5. Texture – An element that represents quality of any artwork. For instance: Extra detail.
  6. Value – Represents the lightness and darkness of artwork.
  7. Space – Represents the distance from one object to another.

You should really study on the seven elements of art. They do come in handy a whole bunch. If you love this information so much, I would prefer our new page called “Art Principles” or visit “Art Elements.” Do well and have a great day.

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