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How to Sketch

SketchLet’s learn the most difficult skill in art, sketching. Oh wait a minute… sketching could be easy but also hard at the same time. Well it kind of depends on the quality of the picture that your sketching. Never mind… sketching is fun anywhere. You got to admit it, you do sketch at school. It’s pretty fun at certain times. Thinking your a real artist, doodling things that you think you know what your drawing, but you really don’t. Enough with the mean attitude and more with lessons.

In this lesson, we’ll begin with the basics. How are we going to learn the basics? Well a video will cover all of the answers that you’ll need. Also a good old article is written underneath the video. Enjoy the video and be sure to read the article underneath the video if you don’t understand the video. If you don’t understand, like I said, read the article below the video. Enjoy!

Have you watched the video and didn’t understand one thing of it? Well let’s put this in a easier way to understand sketching. Keeping your ideas and pencil loose. Sketching is all about coming up with ideas, meaning everything that someone sketches is random. Sketching could also be a rouge drawing of something. Start with big shapes when you sketch means start off with shapes to help the speeding process. Creating shapes helps you create small detail of your sketch, making it faster for you to finish. After that you should be all set. Those were probably the only confusing quotes in the video. Hope you enjoyed the video and this tutorial. Have a great day!

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  1. Cho

    You need to watch the video before you post it. You cannot make out anything you are sketching. Adjust your lighting and viewing angle so the reflection does not blanket the lens.

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