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How to Sketch Trees

Let’s learn how to sketch trees, step by step. Here’s a useful tutorial for those artist who draw nature, landscape, and other inspiring environments. When a professional artist starts drawing an environment, they obviously start with the skill called sketching. Everybody starts sketching for their beginning step. That’s the 1st tip :D I know, I should have told you about the tips thing. I’ll give 4 tips for sketching a tree. 2nd tip is to inspect the visual and try drawing and looking at the same time. This will give you a good benefit when your done with the sketch. 3rd step is to sketch not all the leaves but some. Why? It’s because it’s just a sketch. It’s not the final drawing. Don’t get into much more detail on your sketch. 4th tip is to try and draw the lining of the tree’s wood… you know, the stump, log, you know – the support of the tree. Those are all the steps that you must remember and be sure to practice all the time. So let’s move on with the visual drawing tutorial. Enjoy!

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