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How to Sketch People

How to Sketch PeopleHere we go with another fantastic and useful drawing tutorial. Everybody draws someone, especially people. The only problem with us these days is that, “We don’t know how to draw people.” We have a solution to that problem. It’s not another drawing video from YouTube, it’s another Dragoart drawing tutorial. This time suprisingly, it’s created not by the common artist Dawn, but this time it’s somebody different. It’s an artist who could also draw as good as Dawn. Her name is Cathy and she’s an amazing realistic artist, meaning she’s good with portraits. So let’s begin with choosing the perfect eyes for your person. There are so many selections that you can choose from (Emo, ugly, manly, girly, fashioned, etc.) Below is a illustration of different kind of eyes.

How to Sketch People - Step 6

Now that you’ve glanced at the eye drawing for a moment, your now going to glance at the illustration of mouths because you really got to learn how to draw a mouth step-by-step. Drawing the mouth is the most hardest part to draw on a person’s face. Especially drawing a male’s mouth because you always come out with a female looking mouth, so please examine the illustration.

How to Sketch People - Step 7

Now you’ve learned some valuable tips, let’s begin with the step-by-step drawing lesson from a website called Dragoart.

how-to-sketch-people-step-1 how-to-sketch-people-step-2 how-to-sketch-people-step-3 how-to-sketch-people-step-4 how-to-sketch-people-step-5 how-to-sketch-people-step-8 how-to-sketch-people-step-9

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  1. amelia

    is the picture above of katherine peice and damon salvatore from the vampire diaries?

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