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How to Sketch Hands

How to Sketch HandsLet’s learn how to sketch hands. As a surprise, this drawing tutorial is not from YouTube. In fact, it’s not a drawing video/tutorial at all. It’s a step-by-step image drawing tutorial. Lot’s of artist don’t love watching drawing videos as much. Videos don’t give to much information. They show you how to draw something, but no tips. I really prefer step-by-step drawing tutorials like the one that I’m about to share. So, where do we begin? We begin with the basics – knowing your hand forms. There are lot’s of forms that you could find. It’s imposable to not find some sort of form of a hand. There’s always a way. Look at the example below. It gives you a great idea of what you could do if your creative. Let me tell you what, drawing hands isn’t a easy thing to do. It takes a month of practice. Don’t expect a day of practice because there is no such thing as mastering in one single day.

How to Sketch Hands - Step 1

Well, there you have a wonder diagram of hands that you could use as a reference. I won’t admit that it’s easy, because it isn’t. So what do we do now you may ask? After finding and drawing the form you’ve decided to choose, you’ll now begin with a simple step called “Drawing the hand’s wrinkles.” I know, it’s not hard at all. Below should be an illustration that shows you examples of two hands with wrinkles.

How to Sketch Hands - Step 2

Okay, so enough with the tips and let’s move on with the drawing tutorial. Just for a reminder, the drawing tutorial was found on a pop-culture drawing website called Dragoart. I love the website and find it interesting. Prefer it all the way. Enjoy the drawing tutorial!

How to Sketch Hands - Step 6 How to Sketch Hands - Step 8 How to Sketch Hands - Step 9

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