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How to Sketch Feet

how-to-sketch-feetHere’s a great drawing tutorial that I would love to share. The drawing tutorial is originally from Dragoart, a pop-culture drawing website. This is a drawing tutorial that I find useful. You got to understand what I’m talking about when I mention stability of the human body. It doesn’t have to be a human body but also a dragon’s, ogres, or any living organism. So drawing feet is pretty complex because of all the angles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t draw feet, period. There are solutions, techniques, and other weird stuff to draw feet. What I do first is find the angle of the feet to let you know what direction, rotation, position your feet should be located. Basic tips like this will certainly get you to understand how to draw feet

How to Sketch Feet - Step 1How to Sketch Feet - Step 2How to Sketch Feet - Step 3How to Sketch Feet - Step 4How to Sketch Feel - Step 5

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