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How to Sketch Faces

This is sort of like sketching people, but we’re going to learn how to draw the faces, like… detail wise. So let’s begin with only 2 tips because it’s like repeating how to sketch people. Their both alike and the reason why I uploaded this tutorial is because some people think differently when they search. So let’s start with the 1st tip which is think of the character that you want to draw. Is the character depressed? Is the character emo? You decide, not me. 2nd tip would be… practice the nose. I know, I know, the most common tip, but the nose is the most hardest part on a face. Also the lips, practice drawing those lips. It’s hard drawing lips on a male sketch drawing because they come out like female lips. Below is simply 4 steps that show you how to sketch a face. Enjoy!

how to sketch faces 1how to sketch faces 2how to sketch faces 3how to sketch faces 4

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