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How to Sketch Eyes

Published on December 8, 2010, by in Tips & Tricks.

How to Sketch EyesWelcome to Sketch Pencil and the very first tutorial that will be introduced here! I wanted to post a lesson that will give you plenty of tips and tricks to “sketch eyes“. As an artist, I have problems drawing this part of the human body. The face is usually the hardest task to achieve because of the symmetry that’s required to create an accurate and neat looking face. To get good at “sketching faces”, you’ll need to learn how to draw the basic elements of the human face. Get yourself a nice sketch pencil kit, kneaded or Hi-Polyester eraser, durable sharpener, and some tissues and/or Q-tips. The tissues will guide you into the smudging process as you work your way around the entire face.  I hope that you’ll find this tutorial resourceful, as it was definitely a pleasure to share “how to sketch eyes“, step by step. Well, let’s move onto the tutorial now!

sketching eyesStep 1. First, you must establish a basic sketch of the eye you’re trying to draw. Don’t get too hype about the details since the shading will be taking care of that for you. I would recommend to use a regular 2H pencil for this part of the process.

sketch eyes

Step 2. Then, lay down a basic wash for your drawing as it will lay as the basic shadows. An eye translated by grayscale, is never white but mixed with a grayish tone. Use a 3B pencil for the wash, using your tissues to smudge.

sketching eyesStep 3. Work your shadows in more by using your 4B pencil with light strokes so you can blend it in more with your tissue. You’ll be needing to repeat this until you lather a few basic details into the drawing. Take your time as this process can be very tedious work!

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how to sketch eyes

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