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How to Sketch Clothes

Hey guys, I’ve got a new lesson for you folks today which is another sketching tut. In this lesson, I’ll be guiding you through on “how to sketch clothes”, step by step.  I’ve got cool tips and tricks for the basic fashionable tutorial for these clothes which is pretty easy. Take this tutorial and feel free to use it as your own expense in order to level up your sketching skills. It’s best to use a few sketching pencils for different varieties of the clothing as it may take several levels of  sketches to achieve a nice outcome. Practice by using references of other clothing to better your skills at them. To start the learning process, I would like to share a drawing tutorial that was put together from a website called Dragoart. I know I’ve been using them, but the drawing tutorials are good. Enjoy!


What you’ve just seen was like a demo type of thing. You can view a full drawing tutorial that gives you tips and everything here: how to sketch clothes. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial!

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