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How to Sketch a Car

Hey everyone, it’s time for a new entry and this time the lesson will be coming from Dragoart.com. It is a detailed tutorial that shows the artist how to sketch a car. The artist is gifted, and very thorough and once you begin following the instructions, you should be on your way to sketching a car in great detail. Automobiles are one of the hardest and trickiest objects to draw because they are full of contouring lines, different shapes, and they are also drenched with details and definition. The first thing that one should do before even attempting to sketch a car of realistic quality, is to make sure you know how to draw a basic car first. If you jump into an advanced lesson like this one, you will find yourself pulling out your hair, biting your sketch pencils, and getting more frustrated then you can ever imagine. Everyone knows what happens to artists that get frustrated, they get discouraged, and when you get discouraged you lose creative juices, and drawing steam which will then lead to an absence of drawing. Without practice, you will never be perfect. My suggestion to you is if you are one of those aspiring artists who are not confident in their skills, get better at you’re basic drawing abilities first, and then move onto an intermediate level, and then you should be all set to try to tackle this advanced drawing that teaches you how to sketch a car. First things first though, so if you just want to look at the post just to see how it’s done to gain some energy and inspiration, go for it, otherwise you should at least know how to draw a car on an intermediate level before having fun with sketching a car. Either way, I hope you have fun.

How to Sketch A Car


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