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How to Draw Shapes

I know what you’re thinking. Why do I need to learn how to draw shapes? Well you need to learn how to draw shapes because everything in art is all shapes. Yes, we will give some examples and we will share some videos that we found. Mostly we’ll share some examples. You can’t learn how to use and draw shapes just from watching a video, especially when the artist doesn’t talk. So let’s first start off with using shapes. Think of shapes as building blocks to create something so artist, so beautiful, and so exquisite. You use shapes everywhere.

Let’s give you a quick example. You want to draw a face. What do you do? You would start off with a circle to begin, and then start off with a triangle for the chin. To understand the concepts for using shapes, let’s move on with diagramming.

Example 1 - Using Shapes - Face

Glance at example 1 and you’ll see how the artist used her shapes. I see that she used a triangle to help her draw the chin and drew a circle to help her draw the face. So how do you draw shapes now? Well there’s a video that we want to share from YouTube.

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