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How to Sketch a Car

Hey everyone, it’s time for a new entry and this time the lesson will be coming from Dragoart.com. It is a detailed tutorial that shows the artist how to sketch a car. The artist is gifted, and very thorough and once you begin following the instructions, you should be on your way to sketching a car in great detail. Automobiles are one of the hardest and trickiest objects to draw because they are full of contouring lines, different shapes, and they are also drenched with details and definition. The first thing that one should do before even attempting to sketch a car of realistic quality, is to make sure you know how to draw a basic car first. If you jump into an advanced lesson like this one, you will find yourself pulling out your hair, biting your sketch pencils, and getting more frustrated then you can ever imagine. Everyone knows what happens to artists that get frustrated, they get discouraged, and when you get discouraged you lose creative juices, and drawing steam which will then lead to an absence of drawing. Without practice, you will never be perfect. My suggestion to you is if you are one of those aspiring artists who are not confident in their skills, get better at you’re basic drawing abilities first, and then move onto an intermediate level, and then you should be all set to try to tackle this advanced drawing that teaches you how to sketch a car. First things first though, so if you just want to look at the post just to see how it’s done to gain some energy and inspiration, go for it, otherwise you should at least know how to draw a car on an intermediate level before having fun with sketching a car. Either way, I hope you have fun.

How to Sketch A Car



How to Sketch Dogs

Sketching a dog requires the basic shapes such as the circle. It’s pretty easy sketching a dog if you think about it. Sketching a dog is almost like sketching a horse. But why am I keep saying these easy as things? It’s because I use it for motivation. It really helps… I hope anyway. For this visual sketching tutorial, I found  a German Shepard dog – my favorite type of dog. If you glance at it a bit, you’ll realize that sketching a circle is your first step. Lot’s of shapes used for sketching anything, and if you want to learn how to sketch using shapes, view one of our previous tutorials that show you. Begin with the tutorial and comment on what you think.

How to Sketch Dogs


How to Sketch Chibis

Finally something nice to sketch… chibi characters, or just how to sketch chibis. It’s something fun to sketch and I think anime freaks love this kind of stuff. Sketching a chibi is like sketching a midget, but a cuter version. You know what? Sketch chibi is like sketching a baby version of a character. So those were like what? 2 tips so far. 1 more tip and that’s to remember that drawing a chibi requires drawing a big head with big cute eyes. Interesting, isn’t it? Well let’s begin with the visual tutorial and get over with this lesson. Enjoy!

how to sketch chibis 1how to sketch chibis 2how to sketch chibis 3how to sketch chibis 4how to sketch chibis 5how to sketch chibis


How to Sketch Faces

This is sort of like sketching people, but we’re going to learn how to draw the faces, like… detail wise. So let’s begin with only 2 tips because it’s like repeating how to sketch people. Their both alike and the reason why I uploaded this tutorial is because some people think differently when they search. So let’s start with the 1st tip which is think of the character that you want to draw. Is the character depressed? Is the character emo? You decide, not me. 2nd tip would be… practice the nose. I know, I know, the most common tip, but the nose is the most hardest part on a face. Also the lips, practice drawing those lips. It’s hard drawing lips on a male sketch drawing because they come out like female lips. Below is simply 4 steps that show you how to sketch a face. Enjoy!

how to sketch faces 1how to sketch faces 2how to sketch faces 3how to sketch faces 4


How to Sketch Trees

Let’s learn how to sketch trees, step by step. Here’s a useful tutorial for those artist who draw nature, landscape, and other inspiring environments. When a professional artist starts drawing an environment, they obviously start with the skill called sketching. Everybody starts sketching for their beginning step. That’s the 1st tip :D I know, I should have told you about the tips thing. I’ll give 4 tips for sketching a tree. 2nd tip is to inspect the visual and try drawing and looking at the same time. This will give you a good benefit when your done with the sketch. 3rd step is to sketch not all the leaves but some. Why? It’s because it’s just a sketch. It’s not the final drawing. Don’t get into much more detail on your sketch. 4th tip is to try and draw the lining of the tree’s wood… you know, the stump, log, you know – the support of the tree. Those are all the steps that you must remember and be sure to practice all the time. So let’s move on with the visual drawing tutorial. Enjoy!

how to sketch trees 1how to sketch trees 2how to sketch trees 3how to sketch trees 4how to sketch trees 5how to sketch trees 6


How to Sketch A Rose

Let’s learn how to sketch something that everyone loves to sketch – the rose. That’s right, the rose. I know that the title that I gave might as well be called how to draw a realistic rose, but the website is about sketching and the tutorial looks like a sketch. You get the idea? Well… let’s just begin with the 3 tips. 1st tip is to first draw a basic looking rose design. After that, you’ll have to add some detail to it. 3rd step is to finish it off with a nice dark and thick charcoal type of pencil by using the technique called outlining. So enough with the tips and below is some visual drawing tutorials. Enjoy!

how-to-sketch-a-rosehow to sketch a rose 2how to sketch a rose 3


How to Sketch Clothes

Hey guys, I’ve got a new lesson for you folks today which is another sketching tut. In this lesson, I’ll be guiding you through on “how to sketch clothes”, step by step.  I’ve got cool tips and tricks for the basic fashionable tutorial for these clothes which is pretty easy. Take this tutorial and feel free to use it as your own expense in order to level up your sketching skills. It’s best to use a few sketching pencils for different varieties of the clothing as it may take several levels of  sketches to achieve a nice outcome. Practice by using references of other clothing to better your skills at them. To start the learning process, I would like to share a drawing tutorial that was put together from a website called Dragoart. I know I’ve been using them, but the drawing tutorials are good. Enjoy!


What you’ve just seen was like a demo type of thing. You can view a full drawing tutorial that gives you tips and everything here: how to sketch clothes. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial!


How to Sketch A Nose

How to sketch a nose – something really useful to draw. If it’s an anime nose, the best way to draw one is by drawing a dot, two dots, or just draw the nose lining. It’s not hard when drawing an anime nose, but when it comes to drawing an actual human’s nose, it get’s tough. So let’s learn how to draw both. Below is a drawing tutorial from Dragoart. It shows you how to draw a nose step-by-step. Enjoy the drawing tutorial and be sure to leave a comment by submitting a complement, question, or anything that’s in your mind.


How to Sketch Feet

how-to-sketch-feetHere’s a great drawing tutorial that I would love to share. The drawing tutorial is originally from Dragoart, a pop-culture drawing website. This is a drawing tutorial that I find useful. You got to understand what I’m talking about when I mention stability of the human body. It doesn’t have to be a human body but also a dragon’s, ogres, or any living organism. So drawing feet is pretty complex because of all the angles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t draw feet, period. There are solutions, techniques, and other weird stuff to draw feet. What I do first is find the angle of the feet to let you know what direction, rotation, position your feet should be located. Basic tips like this will certainly get you to understand how to draw feet

How to Sketch Feet - Step 1How to Sketch Feet - Step 2How to Sketch Feet - Step 3How to Sketch Feet - Step 4How to Sketch Feel - Step 5


How to Sketch People

How to Sketch PeopleHere we go with another fantastic and useful drawing tutorial. Everybody draws someone, especially people. The only problem with us these days is that, “We don’t know how to draw people.” We have a solution to that problem. It’s not another drawing video from YouTube, it’s another Dragoart drawing tutorial. This time suprisingly, it’s created not by the common artist Dawn, but this time it’s somebody different. It’s an artist who could also draw as good as Dawn. Her name is Cathy and she’s an amazing realistic artist, meaning she’s good with portraits. So let’s begin with choosing the perfect eyes for your person. There are so many selections that you can choose from (Emo, ugly, manly, girly, fashioned, etc.) Below is a illustration of different kind of eyes.

How to Sketch People - Step 6

Now that you’ve glanced at the eye drawing for a moment, your now going to glance at the illustration of mouths because you really got to learn how to draw a mouth step-by-step. Drawing the mouth is the most hardest part to draw on a person’s face. Especially drawing a male’s mouth because you always come out with a female looking mouth, so please examine the illustration.

How to Sketch People - Step 7

Now you’ve learned some valuable tips, let’s begin with the step-by-step drawing lesson from a website called Dragoart.

how-to-sketch-people-step-1 how-to-sketch-people-step-2 how-to-sketch-people-step-3 how-to-sketch-people-step-4 how-to-sketch-people-step-5 how-to-sketch-people-step-8 how-to-sketch-people-step-9

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